Nuctech™ We Drop

Self-Service Bag Drop System

Automatic Drop Baggage System

NUCTECH™ WeDrop is a newly developed side-mounted self-service bag drop system. Its concise appearance and user-friendly operating interface greatly improve the efficiency and service quality of airport baggage check process.

WeDrop can automatically detect over-sized/overweight baggage and allow self-pay for overweight baggage, which makes the baggage check process easier and more standardized. It integrates intrusion detection system which ensure the safety of usage.


Absolutely Automatic

• Automatic detection and alert of oversized overweight luggage Capable of measuring and weighing luggage, as well as detecting types of luggage (soft bag, hard suitcase, luggage that does not support auto check, and more).

• Easy payment for overweight luggage – you can develop the service payment for large luggage through UnionPay, Alipay and another personalized payment method. Able to print paymerk seceipt automatically.

• Effective safety guarantee When WeDrop is switched off. The built-in metal roll-up door can be automatically locked to prevent entry by unrelated personnel. The equipment integrates light screen detection to automatically detect illegal intrusion during equipment operation. If an illegal intrusion is found, the conveyor belt stops and reverses immediately, accompanied by a light and sound alarm.



Increasing efficiency

Improve capacity


Reduction of operational costs

Lower personnel cost


High availability

24/7, easier maintenance

Equipaje autofacturado

Video Presentation


12 months, includes corrective maintenance service with spare parts included.


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