Nuctech™ MD2100

Metal Detector Arc Infrared Camera

Metal and Fever Detector Arc

NUCTECH® MD2100 is the latest generation of metal detector gantry with temperature measurement function. Combining rapid detection of infrared body temperature without detection with a metal detector portal.

Step dimensions

2090 mm (H) × 756 mm (W) × 710 mm (D)

Total weight

80 kilograms


100VAC ~ 240VAC (-15% ~ + 10%)
50Hz / 60Hz ± 3Hz


All Benefits

It has high detection ability of a variety of magnetic and non-magnetic products, cylindrical metal objects and other shapes with adjustable and high sensitivity range.

Includes audible and visual alarm, adjustable tones and volumes, light bars on both sides of the panel that identify the location of the contraband.

Maximum Efficiency

  • Great anti interference ability, ability to work in complex electromagnetic environments and 64 selectable operating frequencies.
  • Enables the administration of user access: different permission for operators and administrators.
  • Complies with CE standards, harmless for people with step marks and pregnant.

Video Presentation


12 months, includes corrective maintenance service with spare parts included.


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