NUCTECH Product Standards

  • The international standard IEC62523, which was developed primarily by Nuctech, has become the common basis for the design, manufacture, sale, and use of global vehicle and container inspection products and systems. Likewise, IEC 62523 is also the first international standard in the Chinese nuclear industry.
  • Radiation container inspection system, national standard GB 19211-2003.
  • Monitoring system for radioactive materials and particular nuclear materials, national standard GB / T 24246-2009.
  • General technical requirement for detection of traces of drugs and explosives based on ion mobility technology, industry standard GA / T 841-2009X.
  • General regulation for X-ray inspection of the human body for drug detection, industry standard.
  • The NUC TECHTM RT1003 Raman spectrometer complies with Standard 2 of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).