Imaging X-Ray


NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED, is a provider of security inspection services and solutions that provides high-tech security inspection systems with all intellectual property rights. Based on the high energy radioactive imaging technology, and the reception of continuous spectroscopy rays generated by the accelerator, NUCTECH has developed several series of container and vehicle inspection systems such as the fixed system, the relocatable, mobile, and train inspection and quick scan. In them, hardware and software can be configured according to customer requirements. Currently, the products have been specifically applied in the inspection of containers in customs, air cargo and trains. Low-energy X-ray imaging technology is mainly applied in the baggage and baggage security inspection system. NUCTECH systems are designed with an advanced X-ray generator, high-resolution detectors, high-level image algorithm, as well as a more ergonomic user interface and various network programs to perform the operation more efficiently.

Considering threats in different sectors, NUCTECH security solutions serve to detect contraband and dangerous items such as explosives, weapons, flammable, corrosive products, and more.

The solutions can meet the security inspection needs of all sectors, with flexible configurations, high efficiency and ergonomic design. In 2001, NUCTECH developed the world’s first dual-energy X-ray vehicle and container inspection system. With special processing, the system can inspect containers with two types of X-rays of different energies generated by the same accelerator.

At the same time as obtaining two perspective images, the system measures the equivalent atomic number (Z value) of the confirmation in the container to distinguish different story materials such as organic, inorganic and nuclear material, and to improve the ability to identify them. inspected objects.