Backscatter inspection technology is a type of non-intrusive scanning technology of the human body with images of the body surface. The system emits certain energy X-rays to the body, collects the reflected and analyzed rays to obtain the image of the body surface.

Banned items such as pistols, knives, explosives and drugs and more, hidden under clothing are shown in the image. Non-intrusive inspection of objects transported above the human body such as substances, metals, ceramics and more can be performed with atomic numbers higher than those of the human body. These images appear darker than the human body, while substances such as explosives and drugs, with lower atomic numbers, appear lighter.

Since X-rays do not need to penetrate the human body, you can choose an adequate X-ray energy to minimize damage to the body. The typical single scan dose is one thousandth of the chest x-ray, and is only equal to the 2 minute absorbed dose on the plane.